Take the Class of ’87 Survey!

Twenty-five years is a long time; even though many of us have been in touch more or less frequently since graduation (whether by traditional means or by Facebook), there’s a lot we don’t know about where we’ve been and what we’re up to now.

photo by leo reynolds

Please take a few minutes to fill out our alumni survey, with as much (or as little) detail as you like. Your contact information will be kept under wraps, and we’ll hold onto the full results until the reunion — unless there’s overwhelming demand to publish (securely and privately) sooner.

The survey link is here. Enjoy!

As requested by MAB, here are the non-routine questions (to allow further mulling time):

Your life since ’87, in as much detail as you choose

Where do you live now?

Married, life partnered, etc.?

Partner/Spouse’s name?

Kids, pets, ages

Profession, and some detail on what you do



Best memory of HCHS

Favorite HCHS teacher

Worst thing about HCHS

“Did you hear about…” another HCHS student? Dish!

What are you focused on right now?

What would you like to tell your classmates

Offers & requests for professional networking?



Photo by Leo Reynolds

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One response to “Take the Class of ’87 Survey!”

  1. Michael A. Burstein says :

    Finally got around to filling out the survey. Hope I wasn’t too too late…

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